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Church Service and Announcements for Oct. 7, 2017
                                                     Life and Ministry

All Church Fellowship Meal following the church service today.  If you are a visitor please come and join us at the youth center.
Elder’s Meeting will be on Monday evening, Oct.9, at 7:00 p.m.
Next All Church Fellowship Meal will be Oct. 14 at Outdoor Church with OAA. Please bring a dessert.  Academy will be providing haystacks.  All events will be at the Pavilion.
Game Night and Vespers will be tonight in the youth center starting at 6:30 p.m.  We will start with Vespers and then enjoy the evening with friends playing games till 9:00 p.m.  Popcorn and apples will be provided.
All Day Event Starting with Outdoor Church on Oct. 14  Plan to join the academy at the Pavilion beginning with Sabbath School at 9:45 a.m.  Children’s programs will meet in the church at the usual Sabbath School time.  Stay for the potluck meal after the church service.  Academy will be providing a haystack meal and Gentry church members will be providing the dessert and drinks for the noon meal.  There will be activities all afternoon ending with a picnic meal on Sabbath evening with vespers. For the
evening meal bring a pot of chili for a chili cook.
 You can also bring potato or pasta salad and vegetable tray items. Plan to spend the entire day, and pray for beautiful weather.
Women’s Ministry event on Sabbath, Oct. 7, at 1:30 p.m. in the Community Room will be a book exchange.  Please no novels of any kind - Christian or non-Christian.  Bring a wrapped new or used book you would like to part with. Invite a neighbor or a friend
Women’s Ministry Biking Event  If you would like to enjoy a  Sunday afternoon biking event, bring your bike to  JBU.  (down below parking lot), to ride the trail throughout town. This will be on Sunday Oct. 8, beginning at 10:00 a.m. Bring a sack lunch and we can have a picnic in the park. Please RSVP to Dona Young if you would like to participate.

Follow Us on Facebook  Tell your friends they are able to watch our services on Facebook.  Go to Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church to watch past videos.  Please remember in your giving the monthly fee to support our online streaming ministry. Each week we reach an additional 75-100 people around the world that watch our events. What a blessing we have been given to have technology to spread the gospel.
Baby Shower for Laryssa and Phillip Hotz, Oct. 22 from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at 12456 Fairmount Road, Gentry, AR
Bread Bake & Soup Tasting Sunday, October 8, 4:30-6:00 p.m., at the Total Life Community Center.. This event is in response to the interest of those who attended the recent "Go Healthy" Health Fair. Let's all support with our attendance & participation of these outreach events!
ABC D2U (Direct to You) will be bringing supplies from the Adventist Book Center to our church.  To place an order call the ABC 800-333-1844.  Delivery will be on Tuesday-Oct. 17 - 3:15-3:45 p.m.  The deadline to order will be Oct. 12.  See the bulletin board for a list of the food specials for October.
Pettey Study Group will meet on Sabbath afternoon, Oct. 21 at 3:00 p.m. at the Pettey home.  Bring the book, Story of Redemption.  For Questions call 479-238-3307.
Thank you from Robert and Bea Hicks for all your prayers during Roberts recent illness and hospital stay.  We are very thankful for caring friends during this time.  Continue to keep us in your prayers.
Thanks so much to those who donated food, time and money for the OAA breakfast last Sabbath.  Our church will be providing Sabbath breakfast for our high school/academy students once a month, and we appreciate the donations!  Our next breakfast is planned for October 14, next Sabbath.  If you would like to help in any way, contact Heidi Knipple at 828-989-1855.

                          Church in Study
                                9:20 a.m.
Song Service                                    Jim Bieber, Sr. 
Welcome                                              Dona Young                                                          
Opening Prayer                                 Nanette Clapp            
Special Feature          Ella Fisher, Helen Zambrano
Prison Ministry
Closing Prayer                                     Sarah Chace  
                                                                          Thirteenth Sabbath Offering Projects
                                                                                  Southern-Asia Division
Kyrgyzstan lies at the crossroad of several great civilizations.  The Silk Road and other commercial and cultural routes pass through or near the country.
Because of the high cost of fuel, much of the farming in Kyrgyzstan is still done by hand and by horse, as it has been for centuries.
About 80 percent of the population of Kyrgyzstan us Muslim; about 17 percent follow Russian Orthodoxy, and 3 percent other religions.
The Adventist Church has 757 members in Kyrgyzstan, meaning there is one Adventist for every 7,530 people.

                                   Worship Service
                                            11:00 a.m.
Intro Video
Announcements                                                      Paul Bonney 
Opening Hymn                                                     Hymn No.462
                               Blessed Assurance  
Inspirational Thought/Prayer                                      Pastor Gil   
Children’s Story                                                     Pastor Harris 
Offering Appeal                                                Dennis Brinegar
                                       Church Budget

Offertory                                                                   Marti Cash
Praise Songs
                My Hope Is Built On Nothing  - No. 522. 
                         The Lord Is My Light - No. 515 
Song                                                                    Hymn No. 301
                             Nearer, Still Nearer 
Garden of Prayer                                                    Rusty Chace                            
Special Music                                                      Lanette Bieber
Sermon                                                                        Pastor Gil
                      Troy and the Adventist Church
Closing Song                                                      Hymn No. 511
                   I Know Whom I Have Believed  
Worship Leader
Emily Kurtz, Harmony Swanson
Marti Cash
Tech Team
Steve Young, Ricardo Mayen,
Sandra Mulchin, Hannah Greenwood

                     Calendar of Events

Sabbath, Today                   
                9:00 a.m.  Early morning prayer
                All Church Fellowship Meal/Youth Center
                6:55 p.m. Sunset
                6:30 p.m. Vespers and game night/Youth Center

Sunday, Oct. 8                      
Monday, Oct. 9     
                7:00 p.m. Elder’s Meeting

Tuesday,  Oct. 10 
Wednesday,  Oct. 11
                2:00 p.m. Gilbert Bible Study                
                6:45 p.m. Prayer Meeting

Thursday, Oct. 12 
Friday, Oct. 13      
            6:45 p.m. Sunset
Sabbath,  Oct. 14
                OUTDOOR CHURCH - Pavilion
                Offering Voice of Prophecy
`               All Church Fellowship Meal at the Pavilion with OAA
                Sabbath Evening  Vespers and Chili Cook Off/ with hot dogs