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Gentry Church Library

Hello and welcome to the Gentry Church Library Website.

The library staff is anxious to let you know that we are here to serve you in providing for your reading pleasure and spiritual growth.  We have very old books and very new books to capture your interest!  Although "listening" and "watching" are important components of that spiritual growth, "reading" also holds a very important place in spiritual development! 

We would like your input into selecting books for the library and hope that you will send us suggestions as to the types of books you enjoy reading.  We will make an effort to get those books if we do not already have them.  Many people have graciously shared their books with us and we appreciate getting them - especially those that are in good condition.

Our library has a new color of paint now and with rearranging books and furniture, we can now welcome you into a lovely environment for checking over many interestng books of adventure, counsel and study  -  along with books by  EGWhite, Bible Commentaries, and various research materials.  Our weekly bookkeeping is now computerized for more efficiency.

So do come by to see us!  Our schedule is posted on the library door and someone will always be here to help you during those hours.  Please be sure that a librarian is available to check out your book for you since we are computerized, we need more information than just a note, name of a book and signature.  Thanks so much for your cooperation.

We will try to keep you up-to-date on our new books as well as many older ones.

The Gentry Church Library Staff