Online Bulletin

      Church in Study-  9:20 a.m. 


Song Service                       Rusty and Sarah Chace                                                  

Welcome /prayer                      Dona Young                                                                             

Special Feature 

                         Memories of Campmeeting

Joyce Marter, Steve Young, Cynthia West, Don and Irene Gilbert


Closing Remarks                     Dona Young                            

Closing Prayer                         Don Gilbert                                    


 Lesson Study

10:00-10:40 a.m.


        Worship Service - June 23, 2018

                          11:00 a.m.


Intro Video


Announcements and Prayer                                      Larry Huls                            

Opening Song                                                      Hymn No. 295

                                       Chief of Sinners


Offering Appeal                                                       John Marter

                                      ARKLA Advance


Praise Song                                                          Hymn No. 461

                               Praise Be Still, My Soul


Prayer Song                                                         Hymn No. 290

                             Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus   


Garden of Prayer                                               Dennis Brinegar           


Special Music                                                             Joel Kurtz

                                  My Jesus I Love Thee


Sermon                                                                   Pastor Harris      

                    The Price of God’s Outrageous Grace


Footwashing and Emblems

Closing Hymn                                                       Hymn No. 65

                    God Be With You Till We Meet Again


Worship Leader

Joel Kurtz


Paul Bonney

Praise Team

Emily Kurtz, Micah Norwood, Josie Stabel

Tech Team

Andrew Huls, Dakota Bieber, Rusty Chace



(Good Samaritan offering will be taken as you leave.)